DIY Body Manual

It always gets ugly before it can be pretty.

In this online manual, I plan to give a good look into what is involved with doing body and paint work on your car. I will try to touch on all the processes that you may encounter whether you are fixing a couple door dings, or doing a full nut-and-bolt restoration. I'd like for this to be a pretty comprehensive and detailed write-up that will be a good resource to car guys everywhere. While general autobody practices can be used on all cars, every car is different. Knowing where and what to look for in particular cars will help you to make a better call on how much work your car may need. Where I can, I will try to use SQ's as examples, but there may be some hot rods and muscle cars thrown in there too. I suggest if you're thinking about doing some bodywork on your car, you read through this entire series- Every word, start-to-finish, before ever buying tools and materials. The more known about the processes, the easier it will be to determine if this is something you want to attempt. Folks often dislike doing bodywork or find they aren't that talented enough at it to get their desired result. The more you know before you begin, the better you will do. Wouldn't it be a bummer to go spend too much money on tools and materials only to determine you hate doing bodywork? Knowing more of what you're in for will help you decide if it will be worth your investment.