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Vinyl & Tint


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From decals for your car club, to cutting maskings for painted graphics, we can handle nearly any vinyl need. We also offer window tint as well as vinyl light tint skins, and options for more permanent, sprayed on tinting for many lighting applications.

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Electrical & Audio


From mild to wild we can create a sound the audiophile inside you craves. Anything from the simple backup camera or radio install, to a high wattage multi-subwoofer system that will anger the neighbors. We also do aftermarket lighting and custom headlight/tail light modifications.



I have extensive experience in rust repair, having originated from MI. We also can do custom fabrication work using many medias. Metal, fiberglass, or plastic, I have the knowledge to create your vision. We have plenty of experience in metal working and body straightening. We have many options for your paint needs, whether that be a basic paint job, or something that will turn heads at the shows. We also have decades of experience bringing old paint back to life without repainting.

Detailing & Rejuvenation


We can bring your car back to life with any combination of paint correction, waxing, stain removal, interior detailing, engine de-greasing, and headlight restoration.



We work with many medias, from metal fabrication and welding, to fiberglass repair & molding, and plastic & urethane part repair and customization.

Headlight Restoration & Safety


Vehicle lighting can be a serious safety concern, and yellow, cloudy headlights are especially hazardous. Many people  will just sand and polish them, but this not only is not a long lasting fix, it actually makes the lens thinner and more prone to damage. Others use a coating that is typically lower quality than what came from the factory. We fully sand the yellowing, hazy, factory UV coating, and then top coat it with a couple thick coats of a high quality, high UV blocking, high solids automotive urethane clear coat. Our solutions will last you years instead of months or weeks.

We pride ourselves on safety, and can help ensure your vehicle is as safe as possible. As well as lighting, we also can recommend, source, and install safety products. We will do all we can to ensure you and your family's safety.